Friday, December 15

Stargate Sg-1: Metamorphosis

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I once met Jacqueline Samuda at a Stargate SG-1 convention, and she was a hoot.  She was cortial, entertaining, and just great to be around.  The only reason I know of her, though, is from her appearances as Nirrti, a recurring character in this science fiction show.

This review is for Stargate SG-1: Metamorphosis, a show that Samuda submitted the story idea for.  The plot has Nirrti experimenting with the DNA of the inhabitants of a planet. Not a big surprise here, but her goal is to make the most perfectly advanced host body.

SG-1 ends up being captured, but ultimately, Nirrti is undone by her own mind.  What is intriguing is that Samuda’s script didn’t actually call for her character to be included, but the producers altered it to include Nirrti, which thrilled her.

While I like watching Nirrti if only for her strength with which she is portrayed, Metamorphosis just isn’t my cup of tea.  There is a strong emphasis on Jonas, who I don’t like.  The fact that we learn  that he has some superior genetic makeup means nothing to me.

Maybe if Michael Shanks had been around to be in this show, it would have been more palatable.


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