Thursday, December 14

Growing New Body Parts

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Every day, science is making new developments in the field of growing new body parts. Using stem cells, either adult stem cells, or embryonic stem cells, scientists are quickly approaching the point where they can grow new body parts outside the body.

This is done in different ways, but basically, a scaffold is used to support the growth of these cells into the organ, or body part that is to be grown.

Sometimes they will get the heart of a pig, and remove all of the cells from the organ, leaving behind only the structure, and introduce human stem cells to grow the tissues of a human heart within this structure.

We are not at the stage yet where human hearts are being grown outside the body and used in real transplants, but we are almost there. They say that cartelidge like ears are the easiest to grow.

A man cut off the tip of his finger, and he was able to re-grow his finger completely, in a way that wouldn’t have been possible without these new advances.

Take a look at this You Tube video, to see how new body parts are being grown in laboratories, and what it may mean for the future of medicine.


It may raise some ethical points when embryonic cells are used to grow new body parts, and there may even be the issue of cloning, to create exact matches for the organs, but generally I say let science do what it has to do, because this research is going to be incredibly beneficial to the human race, and scientists should be allowed to do this important research on growing new body parts without too many restrictions.


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