Thursday, December 14

The Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale-Jonathon Brookins Comes Back To Beat Michael Johnson

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The Ultimate Fighter 12 comes to an end tonight. Both of the finalists are from GSP’s team. Jonathon Brookins and Michael Johnson will fight for the championship and the UFC six figure contract. The Ultimate Fighter usually has some decent fights in their finale. Tonight is no different. The UFC and Dana White give us another treat and this one is full of action packed fights.

Jonathon Brookins vs. Michael Johnson for the Ultimate Fighter 12 championship and the UFC six figure contract

Round One-The fighters meet in the middle of the ring ready to fight. Johnson lands a good and quick left. Johnson is fast and Brookins wants the takedown. Johnson’s takedown defense is pretty good. Johnson hits Brookins with a good punch and knocks him to the ground. He also lands a quick knee when Brookins gets up. Johnson lands great punches and knees and knocks Brookins to the ground again. Johnson lands another huge punch and hurts Brookins. Jonathon Brookins has a very good chin. Round one goes to Michael Johnson, he lights up Jonathon Brookins with his punches and his knees.

Round Two-Brookins finally gets Johnson down at the start of round two. He starts to pound on Michael Johnson. Brookins lands some good punches and elbows on the ground. He reverses the advantage Johnson had in the first round. Johnson is getting pounded on the ground. Johnson gets up with a minute and a half left in the round. He lands a few good elbows. Brookins slams Michael Johnson to the mat near the end of round two and pounds on him again.

Round Three-Brookins gets another takedown, Johnson flips Brookins and they land on their feet. Brookins gets Johnson back to the ground again. Brookins lands some good elbows to the head of Johnson. The crowd roars and chants his name. They enjoy the comeback by Brookins. Brookins wins the Ultimate Fighting Championship with a great comeback in round two and round three. Brookins and Johnson should both be great fighters for Dana White in the UFC. Team GSP wins the night. Team GSP vs. Team Koscheck was a great success for Dana White and the UFC.

Johnny Hendricks vs. Rick Story (Welterweights)

Round One-The fighters step into the center of ring and touch gloves. Both fighters are southpaws. Rick Story lands some good quick punches. Hendricks is waiting to counter. Story followed Hendricks around the ring and landed great punches and kicks. Hendricks gets a takedown at the end of the round. Story did the most work, but who knows with these judges.

Round Two-Hendricks comes out boxing in round two, but Story pounds him back with a flurry of punches. Story gets a takedown and gets the back of Hendricks. The two fighters stand up and lock on to each other in the corner. Story lands a great knee. Hendricks tries for a takedown, but the fighters are wrestling on their feet. Hendricks gets a momentary takedown, but Story stands back up. On their feet, Story seems to be the better boxer. He takes Hendricks down to the mat. Rick Story does more work in round two.

Round Three-Hendricks controlled Story for most of the third round. This fight should be much closer than the first. This fight had some boring moments because both fighters cancelled out each other. Rick story wins a 29-28 decision over Johnny Hendricks.

Cody McKenzie vs. Aaron Wilkinson

Round One-McKenzie gets a quick takedown at the start of the round. Cody McKenzie schools Aaron Wilkinson in round one and submits him with a rare-naked choke.

Damian Maia vs. Kendall Grove

Round One-The two men step into the middle of the ring ready to fight. Grove has the advantage on his feet and shows it in the first minute. Damian Maia gets Kendall Grove to the ground and goes for his back. Damian Maia gets Kendall Grove on the ground a second time and pounds on Grove.  Damian Maia controls Kendall Grove for most of round one easily wins the round. Grove is no match for Maia on the ground.

Round Two-Kendall Grove looks tired at the start of the ground. He surprises Maia with a punch and knocks him on the ground. Maia has had enough of that and takes Grove down to the ground again. Maia begins to pound on Kendall Grove just like he did in round two. Kendall gets up, but is taken to the ground by Maia again. Maia is too slick and quick for Grove on the ground. Round two goes to Maia again.

Round Three-The fighters remained on their feet for round three. Kendall Grove had an okay round, but he was tired. In rounds one and two he took a pounding from Maia. Damian Maia wins a 29-28 decision over Kendall Grove.

There was an interview with Georges St-Pierre and Josh Koscheck. Koscheck is confident in his fight against the champion GSP at UFC 123. Georges St-Pierre is excited for the fight against Koscheck. Koscheck tells GSP how he is now a well-rounded fighter and he better watch out. This should be an excellent fight next week. Don’t miss it next week December 11thon pay per view, live from Montreal, Canada.

Stephan Bonnar vs. Igor Pokrajac

Round One-The fighters step into the middle of the ring ready to fight. Pokrajac attacks early. The American psycho takes Pokarajac to the ground and tags him with a good punch. The fighters stand up and Pokarajac lands some great punches. Bonnar tries to get a guillotine, but loses it. Bonnar gets two takedowns and controls Pokarjac during round one.

Round Two-Bonnar lands a flurry of knees after pokrajac lands a few good punches. The American Psycho gets another takedown and side control. The fighters traded more in round two. Bonnar may have won the round by his takedown. He won the round anyway because Pokrajac lost a point for knees to the head with the fighters down.

Round Three-Bonnar takes Pokrajac down at the beginning of round three. The American Psycho has had enough eating punches from Pokrajac. Bonnar controlled the third round, but he lost a point for elbows to the back of the head. Bonnar looked pretty good in this fight. This was not like his classic fight at the Ultimate Fighter 1, but he looked good. Bonnar wins a 29-28 decision, they show Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf at ringside.

Nam Phan vs. Leonard Garcia (featherweights)

Round One-The fighters step into the ring. They feel each other out. Nam Phan throws some good punches, Garcia punches back. Garcia is swinging for the fences. Both fighters exchange great body kicks. Nam Phan lands a good combination. Great first round, Garcia threw more punches, but Nam Phan landed the better punches and kicks. The first round should have been close, but Phan probably won it.

Round Two-Garcia comes out fast and lands some good punches and kicks. Nam Phan comes back with some good punches and kicks, so Garcia takes it to the ground. Nam Phan gets back up pretty easily. He lands some major punches on Garcia and knocks him to the ground. Nam Phan lands some great ground and pound on the ground and gets Leonard’s back. Garcia shows some decent defense against the rear-naked choke. Nam Phan wins the second round big time against Garcia. He landed some huge punches.

Round Three-Garcia comes swinging for the fences once again in the third round. Garcia gets another takedown. Nam Phan gets up and he lands a huge body punch. Garcia tires in the middle of the round. The haymakers have worn him out. Nam Phan wins the third round with combinations against the slowed Garcia. Leonard Garcia wins a split decision. The judges obviously did not watch this fight one judge gives the fight 30-27 to Phan and the other two judges give the fight 29-28 to Garcia. What a horrible decision, the crowd boos the judges.


David Branch wins a Unanimous Decision over Rich Attonito

Pablo Garza KO’s Fredson Paixao

Nick Pace wins with a triangle submission over Will Campuzano

Kyle Watson wins a controversial unanimous decision over Sako Chivitchian

Ian Loveland wins a Unanimous Decision over Tyler Toner

The Ultimate Fighter 12 previews UFC 124 GSP vs. Josh Koscheck. Georges St-Pierre is the champion and his two fighter went at it at the finale tonight. Michael Johnson had a great first round. He nearly knocked Jonathon Brookins out. The second and third rounds went to Brookins who came back with two great rounds to win the Ultimate Fighter Championship 12. What an incredible night of fights for all UFC fans. Team GSP vs. Team Koscheck was a great success.


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