Saturday, December 16

Stargate Sg-1: Nightwalkers

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Stargate SG-1 : Nightwalkers seems more like a nightmare than a worthwhile TV program.  Viewers should remember that it is from season six, the year without Michael Shanks as a regular SG-1 team member.

On the whole, the show is just horrid, taking the team on a journey that B- or maybe even C-movies would go.  Fortunately for Richard Dean Anderson who stars as Jack, he was off on vacation for a week and didn’t have to endure any part of this script.

This left Sam, Teal’c, and the ever-smiling-and-ultra-annoying Jonas Quinn to handle the problem of the hour.  They leave Colorado Springs and head to a quaint little Oregon town with a deep, dark mystery that needs to be solved.

The show has both that zombie feel and that ‘why am I watching this?’ attitude. In fact, the best thing about Nightwalkers is when Sam goes undercover zats everyone.  For those who care, and I know there are some, the show does provide more background Jonas in that we learn he has a photographic memory.  I should point out, perhaps needlessly, that I’m not someone who cares.

Many consider this to be the worst SG-1 episode ever produced.  Had Unending not been forced on us, I might agree, but that was the worst bit of trash SG-1 fans had to endure.



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