Monday, December 18

The Happiest Country in The World

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Denmark is widely acknowledged as the happiest country in the world for many reasons, and in this article I will try to explain the things which make the happiest country in the world so happy.

Denmark has a socialist government, and the people pay taxes of between fifty and seventy percent of their earnings, in exchange for a government that looks after them like a parent would.

They get top class health care, education, government grants, welfare, and the government will even pay for people to get together in a group for any hobby, like music, art, or model train building.

In the happiest country in the world, a banker earns about as much as a garbage man, and people choose their jobs, if they have the qualifications.

You might think that this would cause less competition for the jobs that require lots of study, but because they are paid to study, people just fall into the jobs that need doing.

People are happy, so they love their country, and want to do what they can to make it work better. If you didn’t know, socialism is not quite communism, but it has some similarities. In Denmark, they seem to have gotten the balance just right between giving people incentives to work, and taking care of them when they can’t.

Denmark is the happiest country in the world, and apparently Zimbabwe is the unhappiest. The US ranks somewhere around twentieth, according to some surveys taken, but of course, happiness is relative, and these results are debatable.


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