Monday, December 18

Eskimo Pie Snack Size Ice Cream Bars

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Ice cream is a joy for me.  I’ve grown up enjoying this dessert and treat in all kinds of offerings, including the well known Eskimo Pies.  These delights have been around since 1921.  Like many brands, they continue to evolve and bring out new treats.  One of their latest products is a new snack size variety.

Eskimo Pie Snack Size Ice Cream Bars comes in a box of twelve single bars which are just about half the size of a traditional Eskimo Pie. The bars are made with real milk, don’t have any artificial flavoring, and are covered with a tasty chocolate coating.

The package was divided into bars of vanilla ice cream in the chocolate coating and those with a chocolate ice cream interior.  That’s a little something for everyone.

In my opinion, these make for a delicious treat and are, in fact, the perfect size for kids or those wanting to satisfy a craving without overdoing it.  It gives the consumer a taste of ice cream without the calories of a full blown dessert.

The chocolate coating that is distinctive of Eskimo Pies is as good now as it was when I was a kid.  The ice cream is richer than the basic ice cream bar as well.


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