Monday, December 18

Pioneer Village

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One of my treasured memories in life was a tour I took of sites in America that dealt with our history. Each place we went to had some special quality to it that told a story.  One of these places was located in Minden, Nebraska, Pioneer Village.

I truly enjoyed this visit to the Pioneer Village.  It was a giant collection of Americana, depicting various aspects of the country’s history. What makes this place unique is that, as described, it is a living history rather than a stoic a museum or grouping of nondescript buildings.  It is 20 acres that includes 12 buildings with several eras recreated in settings like that of a kitchen.

Part of what I enjoyed were the wagons and coaches on display which showed a progression in our rudimentary technology.  In my opinion, there isn’t anything like seeing a real covered wagon.

I got a kick out of the print shop as well since there is a journalistic background in my family.

The toy collection was great, too. These blasts from the past are simple reminders that high tech isn’t necessarily the most fun.

Mostly, it was great to walk around Pioneer Village and see our evolution.


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