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Air Pollution Sources And Its Effect on Human Health

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Air pollution is becoming more enormous day-by-day and its effects on human health are going to cause a catastrophe in coming days. The chemicals, gases, particulate matter, or biological materials expelled out in excess leads to the pollution of air and cause a tremendous harm to human health.

About 90 percent of the population living in cities is prone the hazards of air pollution. Air pollution has been one of the prominent reasons behind the increasing rate of the cancer. Thence, it is necessary to know about the air pollution sources and its effect on human health as to stay away from it and avoid its consequences on human health.

Air pollution sources are as follows—

1.  Industrial Sources:

The gases emitted by the industries are the major source of air pollution. Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Nitric oxide, Nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide, and chlorofluorocarbons are the eminent gases that damage the atmosphere and leads to the air pollution.

Steel Plants

Steel plants release the excessive amount of sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide during the process that contributes to the air pollution.

Textile Industries

Textile Industries acts as source of air pollution by producing the cotton dust, naphta vapors, smoke and nitrogen oxides that pollutes air and leads to air pollution 

Thermal Plants

Thermal plants contribute to air pollution by giving away the disproportionate amount of sulfur dioxide, fly ash and soot. It has been noted that area around the thermal plants are excessive populated with ash and soot.

Fertilizer Plants

Fertilizers are required for improving soil fertility, but their production adds up to the air pollution. The nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbons are produced as byproduct during production of fertilizers that leads to air pollution.

2.  Vehicles:

Vehicles are the best means of transportation and we all use them, but along with this benefit they carry a disadvantage of causing air pollution. The carbon monoxide given away by the vehicles disturbs the concentration of other gases in air and pollutes the air.

3.  Natural Resources:

Smoke and carbon monoxide from fires in forest, dust from vegetation free area of land, gases emitted due to the volcanic activity also adds up to the air pollution and makes this a grave problem.

Air pollution effects on human health are as follows—

Occurrence of lung cancer has been the most hazardous impact of air pollution on human health. The cancer rate is observed to be about 23% in the area where air pollution is noted to be maximum. Carbon monoxide gas is the main reason behind the occurrence of lung cancer.

Asthma is other condition that is caused due to the air pollution. The pollutants like cotton dust, ash, dust are noted to be the reason behind the asthma.

Irritation of eyes, throat and respiratory tract is being noted to be the common abnormal health condition in the people who stay in the area where there is lots of air pollution

Infectious diseases are noted to be on high due to the unnecessary migration of fungal spores and pollen grain.

Severe headache is observed as one of the common problem occurring due to the air pollution

Leukemia is also found in some people staying in highly polluted area as it is caused due to the hydrocarbons that are carcinogenic in nature.

These are the air pollution sources and its effects on human health


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