Monday, December 11

Boys Town

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As a young adult, I embarked on a trip that I have never forgotten.  It was a three-week bus trip that went all over the United States, stopping mostly at places that celebrated the American heritage.  One of the final stops of that tour was Boys Town,.

Now, I was excited about that because as a movie lover, I had watched that wonderful film called Boys Town with Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney in the lead roles.  This was the inspiring tale of Father Flanagan, the founder of Boys Town, and how he made the facility a safe haven for boys in need of a home.

It was an incredible time there.  We attended services and were also able to explore the very large grounds. For me, it was the legacy, the love and determination, that made the experience so rich.  It really shows what an individual can do and what the results of belief can be.

Boys Town is a town onto itself, complete with its own post office. I just remember the drive as we approached this town in the middle of nowhere and how it touched me.  While the movie took a few liberties, it is Father Flanagan’s vision that was with me that day.

It’s definitely worth a visit to experience that first hand.


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