Thursday, December 14


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One of my uncles wrote for a newspaper, and he loved sports.  One day he took me to a hockey game, and I will never forget being so completely bored and confused.  My problem was the puck. I just couldn’t follow it.

This first experience probably set the tone for me because after that, I never liked hockey.  Now the reasons for not liking it did evolve into more than ‘where’s the dang puck?’

As I grew older, I just detested the violence that I witnessed whenever turning on the TV to watch a game.  It was too bloody and hostile, and that is not my idea of sport.

That doesn’t mean I don’t get the thrill.  Who could ever forget the Winter Olympics at Lake Placid for the USA?  Not me.  I was right there, glued to the screen, watching America beat the Russians.  Of course, that game wasn’t about hockey.  It just wasn’t.  Still, that’s probably the most I’ve been into hockey as I attempted to follow some of the careers of the Miracle on Ice team.

As the years passed, the more I saw the behavior of the players turn bloody.  The rink was escalating into a battlefield. There was nothing entertaining in hockey for me.

As a movie of TV theme, hockey does okay, however.  Even though I cringe at some of the scenes, I have a fondness for Patrick Swayze’s Youngblood.  I like the calmer shows where the violence isn’t as center stage, such as TV’s MacGyver, who had several hockey themed outings.  Star Richard Dean Anderson loved hockey and played on a celebrity team for a time.

Anderson’s co-star in Stargate SG-1, Michael Shanks, also adores hockey.  His TV movie Under the Mistletoe has a hockey backdrop that pleases.

So, as a sport, no thanks to hockey.  As a movie and TV theme, there’s some good stuff out there.


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