Tuesday, December 12


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I thought feminism was about gender equality and choice. So it would seem man hating is anti-feminist because that does not support gender equality at all.

So called feminists partake in man bashing more often than than anyone would care to admit. In public, books, speeches, and in private. These angry ladies are reducing men to “walking dildos” and “domestic animals”. This kind of talk really gets my sexy red panties in a twist. 

Other feminists have taken to fellow female basing by verbally attacking me for my female objectifying ways.

Once for enjoying a joke where Rosie the Riveter was referred to as a lesbian. Apparently, not all strong women are lesbians, but some how, paintings do have sexual orientation. Go figure. 

Another time for wearing a corset. I like my corset, it makes me feel good about the way I look. If a man wants to wear a corset (and some do) that’s great. It’s his choice as a person as much as it is mine. 

I’ve also been frowned upon for loving the kind of movies with pointless female nudity. Again, if I choose to shake my tit’s for a camera that’s just fine, as long as boys can do it too. 

Those kind of “feminists” are pushing everything in the wrong direction by acting nuts. They do more to perpetuate this idea that women are crazy more than any stay at home mom could. 

Ugly women standing around bashing men turns them into objects so quickly. Instead of men thinking about how much they want to take you home and bake you cookies (that’s what men think about right?) they’re thinking “who would want that?”.

So ladies, if you really wanted to be treated as equals, start acting that way. Assert your right to do what you want, just like the boys. Treat every human like a person with equal rights, and quit acting so crazy!


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