Friday, December 15

Why to Make Free Phone Calls

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Ever used the telephone service to make free phone calls to your family and friends around the world? But we could do this now. The world of technological know-how has made all these things possible. It has helped us all to live easy and comfortable lives. I still can recall the days when we had to put in so much money to make international phone calls. We also accustomed to send letters to our friends and family being unsure of if they will receive them or not, or whether or not they may have the patience and time to write us back to tell us how they are doing. The cost of communication had been a hindrance in keeping in touch with our family members.

With the development of technology today, this is no more a difficulty. I still get overwhelmed by the fact that , I can now remain in touch family and friends around the globe who I have not been in touch with for decades through the web. It is a dramatic change! Still unbelievable but true!

There are various instant messenger like yahoo messenger like yahoo, hotmail, skype etc, who gives us freedom to call from pc to mobile either free or at little cost. We could even make a video call should we wish to. It just feels like home. It would appear that they’re just close to you when they are celebrating family occasions when you are far away. This definitely lessens some of the boredom specially of those that are separated from their families because of job opportunities somewhere. It is not easy being away from your loved ones or from your friends. So the cyberspace has made it all simple for us to communicate regardless of the distance and solve communication gaps.

What’s now more amazing is Iphone’s new innovation which helps us to make free mobile calls from your iphone. With data connection in your Iphone plus a free application downloaded and installed, you can now access free mobile calls worldwide. You only need to set up the Iphone Application, put credit in your account and call mobile phones. These software are very simple to install and even when there is any problem, there always will be neighbor outlets to help you out. No requirement for using the high priced phone calls from your mobile service provider. It is simply awesome. With this call, you can view a video of your loved ones and hear them clearly just like you are dialing from a mobile phone. You don’t have to carry a laptop with you in order to make the phone call. You only need your Iphone, wherever you are, whatever the time, it is possible to call your loved ones.

Our online connections and our Iphone APP’s made communication with our loved ones much better. We have become more connected with our loved ones today. We don’t any longer need to think of the expensive bills from our cell phone use that will be sent our way every month. We do not need to bother about leaving behind our family members or being left behind. They will always be at our fingertips. Just dial the number and benefit from free phone calls.


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