Saturday, December 16

Best Ways to Save on Groceries

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Coupons are Money

While most of us have little time to clip coupons, it’s common knowledge they have the capacity to save us mega bucks. The key is to combine them with sales. This can get tricky, but not so much if you check out This is a great site that does the research for you as far as sales and compatible coupons. It also offers quick links to online coupon databases. For a few dollars a month this site could easily save you 60% of your grocery bill. Check it out for a free 4-week trial. I did, and I will never regret it.

Weekly Menus Lead to Food Conservation has a great database full of menus for busy moms as well as frugal moms. For $5.00 a month you can subscribe to their frugal mom weekly menus. They also offer gluten and casein-free menus, as well as menus that help you maximize food you receive from And if you haven’t visited Angel food ministries, and you need help, be sure and check them out. They are a God send -pardon the pun. (yeah, that was cheezy)

Eat More Chicken

Pound for pound chicken is less expensive than beef; it is also more healthy. Roasting or slow cooking a whole chicken with potatoes creates a filling meal, and any left-over chicken can be used in chicken noodle casserole or chicken salad for the next day’s meal.

Slow Cook Cheap Beef

We all know that cheap meat may not be great out of the broiler, but slow cooking helps soften up those tough meats. My personal favorite is 1lb. of a cheaper cut beef with 1 cup salsa cooked on low in the crockpot for 6-hours (cooking times may vary depending on brand or age of appliance). It tastes very similar to swiss steak.

Be Conscientious

This should go without saying, but many of us don’t pay attention to how much we really spend -especially on small purchases. It’s easy to spend $1.00 a day on coffee, but that’s $30 a month! And just how many of these small purchases do we make? You might be surprised if you wrote all your expenses down.


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