Wednesday, December 13

How About Romantic Christmas Gift?

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You always wanted the best gift for your love ones. You wanted to be a memorable one. You wanted to have a romantic gift for the people that you dearly love. You are now thinking of anything to purchase or planning for a romantic Christmas gift. Well, it’s not the price that counts, it’s the thought. Exert more time, effort and thought purchasing or making gift for your love ones.

The following are my ideas for romantic gift for this coming Christmas.


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All women love jewelry, but not all of them loves all jewelry. Some of them don’t wear any jewelry either. If she doesn’t wear any jewelry, so don’t waste your money on one. I could think of the best thing to do is that listen to what your partner likes. But if your partner loves jewelry then go for it. Give it when you are having dinner.


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I know most women love surprises and women love weekend trips. So, this year, if you have budget, think of what the best place to visit or where she wanted to go. A weekend trip requires some research and effort. Arranging a trip for just you and your girl can be a relaxing.

 Always keep the romantic theme going by taking here dinner with candle light playing with the music she love, ordering room service for two and watching the sunset together. Oh, men, that’s very romantic.


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You have to think of what is your theme making scrapbook. You have to be patience, effort, and be creative making one. The best thing to do is to collate all your photos together… if you have out of town trip or out of the country trip together. Collate it and put it into your scrapbook and make some notes in every picture or add your own poetic sentiments.


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Buy show tickets for two, whether it is a concert, opera, play or a romantic movie that she loves – it brings you closer together. 


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It can be thoughtful and personal if you can buy her a new novel that she’s been dying to read.



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