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How Can One Achieve Quality Life

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Quality life is a term used to describe wellness. An individual with quality life can enjoyably do the activities of life with little or no limitation and can function independently. Individual quality of life requires a pleasant and supportive community.

A lifestyle based on good choices and health behaviors maximizes the quality of life. It helps people avoid disease, remain strong and fit, and maintain their physical and mental health as long as they live. The most important behaviors and habits are described below.

 Be Physically Active

The human body is designed to work best when it is active. It readily adapts to nearly any level and exertion, in fact, physical fitness is defined as the ability of the body to adapt to the demands and stresses of physical effort. The more we ask of our bodies, our muscles, bones, heart, lungs, the stronger and more fit they become. The benefits of physical activity are physical and mental, immediate and long term. In short term, being physically fit makes it easier to do everyday tasks, such as lifting, it provides reserve strength for emergencies, and it helps people look and feel good. In long term, being physically fit confers against chronic diseases and lowers the risk of dying prematurely.

Choose a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet promotes wellness in both the short and long term. It provides necessary nutrients and sufficient energy without also providing too much dietary substances linked to diseases.

Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

Overweight and obesity are associated with a numbers of disabling and potentially fatal conditions and diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Healthy body weight is an important part of wellness, but short-term dieting is not part of a fit weight lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy body weight requires a lifelong commitment to regular exercise, a healthy diet, and effective stress management.

Manage Stress effectively

Many people cope with stress by eating, drinking, or smoking too much. Others don’t deal with it at all. In the short term, inappropriate stress management can lead to fatigue, sleep disturbances, and other unpleasant symptoms. Over longer periods of time, poor management of stress can lead to less efficient functioning of the immune system and increased susceptibility to disease. There are effective ways to handle stress, and learning ways to handle stress, and learning to incorporate them into daily life is an important part of fit and well lifestyle.

Avoid Use of Tobacco and Other Drugs and Use of Alcohol Wisely

One of the leading causes of death nowadays is associated with tobacco or cigarette use. A hundred years ago, before cigarette smoking was widespread, lung cancer was considered a rare disease. Today, lung cancer is one of the most common cause of cancer death among men and women and one of the leading causes of death overall.

Excess alcohol consumption is linked to 5 of the top causes of death. It is an especially important factor in death and disability among people through its association with unintentional injuries and violence.

Protect Yourself from disease and Injury

The most effective way of dealing with disease and injury is to prevent them. Many lifestyle strategies discussed here, being physically active, managing body weight and so on, help protect you against chronic illness. In addition, specific steps can be taken to avoid infectious diseases, particularly those that are sexually transmitted.

Other important behaviors in a fit and well lifestyle include developing meaningful relationships, planning ahead for successful aging, becoming knowledgeable about the health care system, and acting responsibly in relation to environment. With all the above concepts and discussion, you can now tell what makes an individual healthy.

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