Monday, December 18

Funny People

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It is said that the second film is the hardest. Judd Apatow from the ordeal he went precision upgrades its debut on the comics and therefore approached as a super-successful director of comedies 40 years of dirty virgin and Knocked Up. Hard for him in his favorite niches devise successful model, and therefore little přešaltroval turned into little more complicated realm.

When he comes out wit, born masterpieces, which suddenly turns on the glow of golden statuettes. Think of Woody Allen. But Apatow hit. We can only speculate about when a shift in the author’s growing ambitions, or simply a desire to change the context of thinking and try to mine comedy truthful.

Circulates between the clubs stand-up comedians, the famous, and those beginning with an average life. There are the aspiring screenwriters, comedians with the first item in a decent CV. Climbs behind the scenes, but not limited to stories, about how talented artists fulfill their dreams. Apatow shows rather the reverse side of all the pitfalls of manufacturing careers and humor in general: and the discipline is taught to perceive audience just as comfortable craft, bright laughter, gasps glare of the lights and fans for free. In comics, it appears rather fight for every joke, and rivalry among competitors.

Forget therefore the area of a conventional character. Apatow suddenly operates with a much more complex characters. Perhaps the famous comedian George (Sandler), who not only appears dim and dies for his city used to be a girl, but so is the mode of “super-funny famous Cool” very often rolls over into the position of “selfish, who uses his position and leaves the write in other forums. The other figures as the braiding of two to three different characters, so will their journey through the story will not surprise anyone, but maybe you’ll even have to ask ourselves what those figures actually I mean they really are. Maybe if záletný Australian Eric Bany serious geek, and whether it Rogen IRA only exaggerates the adulation, or simply fall into the mold of “loser, what with you leave plowing.

To complicated characters is more complicated way, while we can not fully exercise schematic Hollywood comedies, with which few people so deftly handled just as Apatow. During the enormous two and a half of footage to get into character because several blind alleys, which will run out long minutes that eventually occurred anyway for reconciliation and the relative satisfaction. Apatow is actually often forced to avoid offering the cliché, often against him as he spectacularly, but the comics because in the end, paradoxically struggling very well be a virgin and Knocked Up.

Groovy patterns that Apatow himself as a director of two very well used, as in favor of special crossings indecisive characters who shall pour out of myself a lot of excellent forums on stage and manage a few decent necking-down in plain clothes. But the film takes as well as the average mafia saga of Martin Scorsese.

And therefore I dare say that a carrier does not own power lines and breaks in their effort to say that hell of a lot. Nothing has changed on either a wonderful ensemble acting and still Apatowův obvious talent for cutting and humorous point of bleeding into the almost-melancholic whole. Simply lack enough “laughter and tears” to make the one hundred and fifty minutes elapsed adequately fast. And that went unnoticed, that emotionally disarming passages for which it intruded Panic and Knocked Up among the classics, once more missing.

For comics so true: Big challenge, middle market failure, light failure copyright. It’s not very nice sequence, but we all know that it often turns out much worse.


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