Monday, December 18

Awake At Last

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It is an odd thing to be reborn in middle age, though on further reflection it might be something that should be mandatory.  It is possible that there are persons about this great country who are aware of what time it is, by which I mean what has finally befallen this noble and trembling democracy.  It is exactly as it should be, in that no one knew for certain where or when; it is something only the divine is meant to know.

In this new awakening, I have to wonder how many are aware.  As they themselves wonder, and perhaps are trying to explain it in whatever trade that they are engaged in.  Engaged is exactly the word I want to use, because I think it explains and allows precisely what is happening and what must happen going forward.

When people are engaged, when they allow their thoughts and beliefs and stereotypes to be challenged, smoothed, chipped, twisted, overwhelmed, and drowned, a most magnificent event occurs.  Life.  It is life that jumps up and hollers hello, welcome to the ball.  When we are truly alive in this flesh, with the wonder of intellect pressing upon skin and spirit, there is scarcely no other beauty that is known.  I have seen beautiful things, yes, but I have not seen anything more beautiful than a human being fully engaged with life itself, using his or her gifts and talents to change the world.

I think it is part of the progress, too, part of the path along the way towards God.  I use the word God because it is easy to understand, but I trust that there are other names and identities for this supreme power.  There are so many ways to get to the divine.  The truth is I think it is all about getting back to the majesty.  I think everything is because of one thing.

History is not the cold mistress that she is so often accused of being.  At least I don’t believe that.  Rather I see it as a much smarter soul once pronounced.  There are those who live and die and are zoology, and fate is but a small word to them.  But there are others, there have always been others, who are aware of what historic times they are living in.

We are living in an historic time.  It is an unfailingly and terribly beautiful time to be alive.  I hope my peers, my compatriots, are celebrating these times as I am.  Laughter and tears are plenty.  May we meet along the way, my stardust friends.


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