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How to Insert Extended Ascii Characters In Your Document

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The American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) is one of the coding standards for the transfer text based communication between devices. The standard ASCII character set is an one hundred twenty-eight (128) chaacter set which consist of control codes and printable graphic characters (space is considered an invisible printable character sometimes called a white character). The standard ASCII character set can be displayed by selecting the and pressing a single key or the shift key and another single key combination.

There is an extension to the ASCII standard character set. These extention include characters from one hundred twenty-eight (128) to two hundred fifty-five (255). An example of an extended ASCII character set would be the degree symbol º. The degree symbol will be used to describ how to insert an ASCII extended character into your document.

1. The first thing to do would be get a copy of the ASCII extended character code set. This usually accompanies the standard ASCII character set.

2. Look up the code number of the character to be inserted into the document. In the case of the degree symbol the extended character code is number 167.

3. If you have a keyboard with a numeric keypad hold down the key then enter the number on the numeric keypad. this should produce the

4. If the keyboard is not equipped with a numeric keypad then the only way in which to insert extended ASCII characters into the document is by “cut and paste”. That would mean that the ASCII character set chart cannot be a picture and allows the characters to be “cut and paste”.



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