Monday, December 18

Top 20 Search Engine Optimization Tips Part 3

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1. Use the bottom space for the Text Link ads.

2. Try Adsense for Search, this will also add upto your revnues.

3. Clear all low value links, use the PR checker to check the PR value of your linking website. This also affects the Adsense value of your website.

4. Checkout the latest happening at Google Official Blogs and Google Adsense Blog “Inside Adsense”.

5. You can also check the Google Adsense Groups and Google Adsense Support Centre for more help.

6. Do not use too many Ad block, not only they make mess but also lower your CPM and CTR value.

7. Try to experiment with your blog or website adsense ad block setting for best results. Sometime being non perfect leads to more success.

8. Remove the section “Advertise on this website”, this may also lead to Google Adsense ban.

9. Use Adsense Review tool for checking adverts looks on your website or blog.

10. Use Adsense Preview tools to check the Geo located ads.

11. Use analytics services like Google Analytics, it will help in website optimization.

12. Use Google Adsense banner adverts, just below under the navigation menu. It will help in increasing CTR.

13. Forums have different Google Adsense Heatmap, the positon in the forums are on the left panel, after the first post, and just below the last post before the footer.

14. Forums are the interactive medium, they increase the chances quality visitors.

15. Try to use 300×150 medium rectangle, 336×180 large rectangle, or 160×600 wide skyscraper ad formats. These are some of  the best performing Google Adsense adverts formats.

16. Choose colors that blends with your background, for best results set background color to “White”.

17. Wrap the Adsense ad block around your article.

18. Use the images just beside the Adsense ad blocks, but also make sure that they still look different from your adsense ad block.

19 . Opt for both Image and Text ads, Google will do the rest.

20. Adsense have both CPC and CPM, choose which suits you best.


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