Thursday, December 14

Top 20 Search Engine Optimization Tips

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1. Your Google Adsense Earning =  Impression Count x Click-though-rate x Cost-per-click x smart-pricing-factor.

2. Impression Count is basically total pageviews or reffered traffic or you can say number times of your Google Adsense Block shown.

3. Click-through-rate (CTR) is ratio of clicks to the total impressions. It can range from 0.1% to 30%, but most commonly around 1% to 10%.

4. Cost-per-click (CPC) is the amount you get paid from Google Adsense for a click. Traditionally it refers to the amount of advertiser pay for each click, alternatively it could be understand as amount publisher get paid for each valid click.

5. Smart Pricing Factor is the factor that counts the value of each valid click or time spend by user in the advertiser network or website.

6. Apply from Google Services like, Google Sites, Google Knol and Google Apps, for faster approval. Though Google Adsense sometime do not accept invitation from certain regions like India and China.

7. Once you get the Adsense Publisher ID, you can put the Google Adsense code on other websites without requiring further approval.

8. Read the Google Adsense policies carefully.

9. Viewing your website will not ban you, just make sure you don’y click on Google Adsense adverts, However repeated website viewing to jack up the website pageviews, can bring some trouble.

10. If having any trouble with your Google Adsense account, Google Guys they will have the solution for you.

11. Choose a high paying niche without too much competition.

12. You can try some high paying keywords from Keyword Section of this weblog.

13. Sign up for Google Adwords, it can help you in understanding the procedure well.

14. Use niche keyword in website domain name.

15. Use the main keyword of your article in Page Title.

16. Use Meta Tags for your website or blog, Learn “How to add Meta Tags”

17. Submit your website to open or free directories like DMoz

18. Submit your url to search engine crawling.

19. Create and submit your Sitemaps to Yahoo, Google and Bing.

20. Put targeted keyword in Page Title.

These are only 20 tips, Please Check For More Search Engine Optimizaton TIps


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