Wednesday, December 13

Top 4 Alternative Use of Google

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1. Google As Dictionary

Google has make the Life so easy that you can find any thing on the web with Google. As you may occasionally notice, sometimes Google return the defination for your search query (for example “PI”, if you have not encountered), and you want same kind of result for your all queries.

For using the Google Search as a Dictionary ot Google Dictionary.

Type the define:your_query and Google will return the defination for your query.

For example, define:Google, and Google will return the official defination of Google from its kitty, it is that damn simple as it seems.

2. Google As Calculator

You can calculate anything in Google Search from sipmle mathematics addition to large scientific calculation.

For Example: 25+456-56=

3. Google As Convertor

Use Google as any convertot from currency conversion to measurement conversion you can concert anything in Google. this is pretty simple you should have a try

For example: 25 miles in km

5$ in au$

4. Google As File Search Engine

You can use Google as file search engine too, Just type filetype:fornat filename and get the relevant results form Google. You can find any type file from dot text to dot pdf. it is pretty easy

For Example: filtype:pdf green tips

There are many more alternative uses of Google Search, Just Check In For Updates

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