Friday, December 15

How to Add Meta Tags in Your Blogger/blogspot Blog

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Just adding a meta tag description in your Blogger weblog is problematic as Blogger will use the same meta tags for all pages in your weblog. This  mean search engines like Yahoo or Google will index your all weblog pages or post with the same description. This may be result in reduced traffic rather than increased traffic.

However you can add meta tags to the home page of your weblog only, which will not affect post pages in your weblog. In this way visitors will find the home page of your weblog in search engines by the use of appropriate keywords and a website description and by submitting sitemaps feed .

Adding meta tags in blogger weblog is not any kind of the rocket science and also do not need a computer engineer to be paid. You can add a meta tag description tags/keywords, by following these simple basic steps.

1. Login to Blogger
2. Navigate to Layout > Edit HTML
3. Check the Expand Widget Templates box
4. Find these lines which will be near the top of your template:

5. Paste the following code right below
6.  Click on the Save Template button.


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