Wednesday, December 13

Cher Lloyd Murders Love The Way You Lie on The X Factor Semi Finals

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Cher Lloyd murders Love the way you lie.


Don’t get me wrong, I think Cher Lloyd is a great artist and has a huge future ahead of her. I will admit to being a fan of the style of music she is singing and the freshness of her, especially to a competition like the X Factor. Thisperformance however, was something I am not a fan of.

Cher Lloyd has had a lot of publicity in the papers this week in particular, a lot of it being negative. Apparantly Cher Lloyd comes across quite arrogant on stage and some people seem to dislike this about her. It is pretty obvious to me however, and anyone else to see that this arrogance that comes across on stage is all part of the performance and that actually she is quite a vulnerabe girl underneath. Most artists are different people on stage and some have to act to create a e impression of confidence. As far as I can see, that is all Cher Lloyd has been doing.

Singing such a huge hit like Rhianna’s and Eminems hit Love the way you lie, was a gamble and if any of the contestants could have pulled it off, it was Cher Lloyd. But she didn’t. She murdered what I consider to be one of the greatest songs this year.

Love the way you lie is one of my personal favourite songs of all time as it is pretty personal to me. It would have taken something special to recreate it. Cher Lloyd, unfortunately didn’t do the song justice.

I believe she may be in trouble after that performance.

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