Thursday, December 14

Evolution of Dancing With The Stars

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There has been exceedingly positive reactions to Dancing with the Stars since it was first produced.  The show gets experienced a great number of transitions during the seasons and several of these changes have been for the better.  Trying to follow all of the changes isn’t always as easy as you might like, but generally, the changes made the show even better than it was previously.

Season one had the show kick off with six couples.  There were six celebrities and also six professional dancers.  The judges each granted points at the end of the dances and then audience members were allowed to call in and vote.

Season two expanded the contestant count to ten couples.  There were no additional modifications made aside from increasing the number of contestants.  

During season three the scoring system altered a little.  The votes of viewing audience still accounted for half of the ultimate score however; it was changed to relate to percentages instead of actual points.  This was a important switch and was meant to minimize the popularity vote that was harming several of the less popular contestants that were a good deal more talented.

Dancing with the Stars season four started off with a few other modifications.  With eleven couples paired together, the season started off on March 19, 2007.  The greatest modification of the season was the shift of time slots.  Dancing with the Stars was changed to afresh night to avoid a conflict with the Fox hit show American Idol.  This proved good for the ratings.

Season five began with twelve couples.  This year had the largest troubles with spectator voting.  There was many problems with finer dancers being voted off in favor of couples that were actually much more popular contestants but  not as skilled at dancing.  

Season six had few changes with everything staying basically the same as in season five.  This provided a very smooth flowing season and very few complications generaly.  

As you can guess, those cases when substantial alterations happened created  large problems that took some effort to smooth out.  For the bulk of contestants accommodating the alterations was easy.  However, it is important to note that  voting was altered to require votes from viewers to delay until the end of the show, rather than allowing voting to happen during the show itself.  This change was made to help guarantee that all voting was conducted in a fair way.

Each change happened thus far during the show has acted to assure that the show gains in popularity.  For viewers the changes have helped add a important measure of value.  Although additional alterations are likely, at this time there have been no changes for season 7 announced.


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