Monday, December 18

How to Lose Weight Quickly Without Feeling Hungry

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The best way to lose weight is to substitute refined sugar and processed foods for complex carbohydrates. This infers you take out all processed food items from the kitchen cabinets and substitute with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Secondly, you will wish to only purchase dairy items that are non-fat. On the allowable list you may include non-fat cheese, low-fat yogurt, two-percent milk, skim milk and hard boiled eggs.

Third, in the way of pastas and breads it is best to stick with whole grain items. Do not consider eating white bread.

Fourth, your protein foods should be comprised of a small portion of peanut butter (a tablespoon per setting); tuna in water; salmon; poultry, baked fish; and very lean meat(s). Steer clear of meats offering fat content.

Fifth, it is wise you engage in a cardiovascular activity, for thirty minutes daily.  Jogging or walking will help you significantly lose weight and must become part of a healthier lifestyle.  

Sixth, spot exercises such as sit-ups should be performed at least three times per week. Start your spot reducing program completing twenty repetitions per exercise. Two or three exercises should be plenty for starters. Work up to a total of 30 repetitions per exercise.

Seventh, maintain your healthier way of eating: meaning eating much smaller portions from the above suggested food lists; and eating more frequently. In so doing, you will increase your metabolism; and exercising will become less difficult.


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