Monday, December 11

Life In 3D

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If you had a chance to push a rewind button on life would you?  If so, what part would you rewind?  Would you rewind to the beginning, middle or certain parts along the way? 

Some may say they wouldn’t rewind anything, because life made them who they are and they may be satisfied with their life. They may feel that rewinding life would change things and people they have and have had in their life.   

Others may say that they would rewind everything and hope that it would take them in a better direction. Feeling that if they had more people to help push them in a better direction or if they had more confidence in themselves things might be better.

Those who would like to rewind certain things may be content with the way their life has gone thus far.   They may feel that changing certain parts about their life could be different.

The events that occurred in our lives make us who we are; it’s up to us to let those events make us or break us.  Whether you think pushing that rewind button will help or not, it may change things for the better, but it could also change things that you may not want to change.  Are you willing to take that chance?


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