Friday, December 15

Men's Health

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The top health issues for men, surprisingly, there are a obstacles for men.  Heart, Cancer,  and unintentional injury, they have choices in preventing these illness and injuries. Drinking too much, not eating properly, and not including activity in their daily routine can be problems  too.

As men get older their health changes, number one heart disease,  try avoid smoking, this affects you badly.

Cancer, lung cancer the leading cause of deaths in men, which is followed by prostate and colorectal cancer. To prevent this kind of illness try to keep a healthy weight, drink in moderation everything you do should be in moderation.

Injuries, keep to your speed limit, wear you safety belt, and falls cause fatal accidents. Use non-slip mats, in your bathrooms and house floors to prevent this kind of injuries.

Stroke,  a risk factor from family history, avoid fatty foods, have regular examinations  to prevent sudden strokes. Follow a diet, and if you are diabetic keep your sugar levels under control.

Chronic illnesses,  minimise your intake of exposure to chemicals, have daily activity, exercise regularly.

Type 2 Diabetes, maintain your weight this is the most common type of diabetes. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables, maintain your weight, and regular exercises are required.

Flu, if you have a weak immune system  a flu can be dangerous to you.

Suicide, a important risk factor for men, depression affects men easily.

Kidney disease, for this you should take your regular medications if prescribed, eat healthy, exercise, and maintain your weight.

Alzheimer’s Disease, avoid tobacco, head injuries, diabetes and stroke, increases the chance of this disease


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