Thursday, December 14

How to Shop Like a True Professional

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Shopping is on everyone’s list whether you like it or not, and this goes back to the ancient times from the Romans where they had the Trajan’s Market with a single room shop covered with a barrel vault that served as retailing units; in fact actual shopping lists were discovered by Hadrian’s wall between the years 75-125 AD.

But shopping like a true professional is not in everyone so here are some tips and tricks just by following these simple steps.

The first one is to “know what you really need”, and you can accomplish this by going through your closets and drawers, and most likely throw out anything that you have not wore for a year or more and at the same time you know what you already have and make a list of items that you need like sweaters for winter, a bathing suit if for summer or new shoes.

The second step is to “wear a shopping outfit”; yes exactly an outfit that is made for shopping therefore think cute but comfortable and definitely not something that is complicated to take off and put on (and the same goes for shoes). For example a long V-neck sweater and leggings with flats will do, since you also have to keep in mind that you will be walking a lot.

The third step is to “pay attention” to your favorite stores sales, if you go to them regularly have them put you on a mailing lists so you will be always on top of it, and try to shop earlier in the day so you get better offers as well as more options.

The fourth step is to buy “sensible” and not too “glamorous” this means buy something that you can wear tomorrow and not items that you think you may use for an event that may or may not coming up (that is okay if actually have an event to go to).

The fifth is “budgeting”, this is important so that you do not over spend or wind up returning items, so before going out the shopping center, the mall and the boutiques. Write down a total amount that you can spend and do not go over, this is a sure way to buy only what you truly need.

With these simple steps to follow the next time you will go on a shopping spree, it will feel even better.


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