Tuesday, December 12

A Husband's Last Act of Love

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It was cold that morning and frost had formed on all the parked cars on the street outside.  It was close to 5:00am when the dispatcher put out a call on the Police radio, “All units, shooting in progress with one victim down at the location.”

“Let’s go!” my partner shouted.  We began driving “code 3” using lights and siren to get there as fast as possible and arrived within a few minutes to the location.  “There are a lot of people over there,” I pointed.  My partner who was driving quickly parked the car near the crowd.   As we approached the scene, I could see a man lying face down on the front steps of a home.  He had several red spot on his back where he had been shot.  “A dead man doesn’t bleed” said my partner quietly, “It looks like it’s too late for him.”  I checked the man’s neck for a pulse but could not feel one.  The ambulance arrived and paramedics began working on the man. 

This is a homicide scene now, so Detective’s have been notified and are on their way to the scene.   “Anyone witness what happened?”  I asked the crowd.  “His son was with him… he saw what happened,” avoice from the group shouted.   I walked up to a young boy who was crying and hugging his mother.  The woman holding the young boy began to speak, “I was getting ready to go to work and my husband did not want me to get into a cold car so he went outside to warm up the car for me. My son, went with his father and he said that while they were warming up the car and scraping the frost off the windows, two men walked up to them and pointed a gun.  The men wanted the car, so my husband told our son to run away and then threw the men the car keys and then he tried to run away.  The two men chased him for two blocks until my husband began to pound on someone’s front door asking for help.  The two men then just shot him in the back.”    

We conducted our investigation which took almost four hours.  After the victim had been taken away by the coroner and the Detectives had finished, we took down the yellow tape and began to clear the scene. 

We sat in our Police car getting ready to leave; we watched the victim’s wife and three little children gather around the site where their father and husband had died.  We watched as they gradually dropped to their knees holding onto each other and begin to pray.

I felt my heart sink as I thought of how a loving husband only wanted to make his wife‘s car warm for her.  He loved her so much he didn’t want her to be cold and that last act of love, cost him his life. 

As I was catching my composure, I could hear my partner on the phone, “I love you too babe,” he said to his wife.


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