Saturday, December 16

The Greenhouse Effect The Biggest Joke Ever!

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Scientists have made people believe in climate change. Everywhere people are talking about “Global warming”. We have nowadays become a new fashion style called “Stop the greenhouse effect!” or “Reduce pollution!”. We have no proofs that the climate is really warming or changing.  In the middle ages there were periods of heat just like we have going on right now.

So why on earth would people think that this time this is because of the greenhouse effect? I can’t understand that. Wake up and try realising that this is just normal period just like in the Middle Ages. Now people prefer for example low pollution cars and other things like that. It is so “green” to drive with it and people are trying to be as green as they can. I call that stupidity. I think that wont change anything, it just make people think that; “Hey, I’m helping in fight against the greenhouse effect!” That is so useless.

All we have to do is just live as we have done all the time and wait that this green trend go over. I personally hate it. But I have to say that the greenhouse effect is a nice business for the ones who made it. I think that they are rich for sure. Good for them. Unfortunately we “normal consumers” just suffer from it.


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