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Mon, November 29, 2010 4:37:23 PM



Sophialaurenea Destine


Pam saxton

Dear Mrs. Saxton,  You have no idea why am I rude??? I begged you to do the right thing. Please note I saved all emails. Dealing with my attorney will be the least of your dilemmas. I will publish every last one of them. I will go on every site on the Internet and let people know about you business of un-fairness. Notice, I didn’t use any profanity-I didn’t even raise my voice. Victoria and you are trying to swindle the wrong person. From the last email I just emailled you: they are telling me it is the wrong company. I am an author with new material to publish. The longer you refuse to pay what is do me the more material I have to publish. I  told you do not email me unless you are going to pay me what is rightfully mine.Keep trying to convince me I am wrong to be so direct with you. (It is not beING rude- it just being real)  Ms. DestineFri, December 3, 2010 9:09:34 AM FRAUD ON INTERNET….


Sophialaurenea Destine


Fraud Unit

To Whom It  May Concern: My name is Ms. Sophialaurenea Y. Destine I am a Las Postias College student with a Higher One credit/debt card who made two transactions for an Internet computer business. On Nov 19, 2010 $199.95 WINDOWS 2 WELLNESS–02813200080 TX and on Nov 24, 2010 $19.95 E HOME BUSINESS NETWORK–08665992657 NV. The name of the company is HERBALIFE.COM my coach name is Pam Saxton–her telephone #281-370-3881 and email is I am a student that solely survives on financial aid. I foolishly thought this business was legit. I cancel/resign from HERBALIFE.COM on Nov 27, 2010 because I sign on to work not loose weight. Mrs. Saxton’s coach Victoria Cliente employment telephone #1-866-617-4273 (phone conferences to potential employees) wanted me to ingest the product. I refused. She hung up the phone then I cancel/resign via email.  I requested my refund immediately. I informed and replied that I had the wrong company–they never heard of Pam and Victoria. So, I informed Pam via email that she has until Friday (which is today) to refund me my $19.95 then, when I would receive my funds; I will send her the Herbalife product box: She had sent me. Then, they could refund my $199.95.  I have no funds. If these two women swindle me imagine how many others they have swindle??? Please, look into this matter.  

Sincerely yours, 

Ms. Sophialaurenea Y. Destine


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