Monday, December 18

Beautiful Beaches Along The Arabian Ocean

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Lakshadweep Islands is one of the beautiful and most visited beach situated in the south west coast of India and is known as one of the best of its kind, may be a little lesser known compared to big names but not lacking in its beautiful scenic and peaceful surroundings and not to mention the world class facilities the island has to offer to its innumerous visitors those come here.

Situated about 250 miles in the Arabian Sea in India, well connected with Kerala by air and ships, is one of the best costal area. With lots of activities like boating, spa parlors massage centers, scuba diving and walking along the sea shores is some thing unique this place has on offer for the visitors those come here round the year.

The place is full of top class facilities to stay in the cluster of island inclusive of stars hotels to lodges and guest houses.

In fact all the beaches in India have some or the other unique and interesting water sports for, tourists, as this place called Lakshadweep is famous for its Scuba Diving that means “Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus”.

 Incidentally this is not necessary to be very good swimmer to be a scuba diver if you are doing it for fun and only a basic swimming knowledge would be enough to enjoy this adventures sports. The coral reefs and Kadmat Island in Lakshwadeep is one such place that is full of colorful marine life.

Andman and Nikobar Island is one of the most beautiful coastal resort for the ones who love nature in its own ways, the place has all the facilities for visitors to enjoy a journey of their life time.

Goa is another place situated on the shores of Arabians with the best and famous beaches in India where a very big number of tourist arrive every year and have lots of fun on the world class beaches those are scattered all over the  places.

There are count less beaches in India, in fact the entire country is situated along the shores of, the Arabians, Bay of Bengal and Indian Oceans, and all of these three ocean meet at a particular point known as Kanyakumari, a very famous tourist center in itself, located on the meeting point of all the three oceans, with lots of unique tourist’s interest places and again visited by thousands of tourists every day.

Traveling to these places is as much fun as much, visiting these places as all sort of transportations inclusive air, ships, motorboats, bus transport, private taxi services, public transports, scooters for local rides, water scooters. There is much more available for comfortable sightseeing of the touring people.   


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