Sunday, December 17

The Responsibilities of Parents

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We often wonder about what makes a good parent. Different people will have different views on this issue. However, I would say that a good parent must be responsible for the well being of their child to a significant degree. Ofcourse, parents cannot control everything that happens to their children. However, the can provide the support and guidance necessary for the success of their children.

Many people have children just because they want to have the experience of reproduction and parenting. These individuals view their children as pets or toys. They wish to play with these toys for one second and later forget about their existance.

Children are young people. They are not toys or guinea pigs. Children are a responsibility for life. They need constant love, care, attention, and support. It is not possible to invest nothing in your children and expect them to grow up and be successful. If you do not want to have the responsibiity of raising a child, than you should not be having children in the first place.

Parents cannot be selfish. They must learn to put their children first. They cannot ask their children to support them before they have provided them with a proper education and enough time to stand on their own two feet. It is the duty of every parent to pay for the education of their child. It is also the duty of every parent to make sure that their child is stable in their life before they ask their child for any kind of help.


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