Monday, December 11

Make Money on Seekyt: Bookmarking Site With Great Potential

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There are many social bookmarking sites available on the internet, most of which offer competitive ways to make money online. Among popular favorites are Digg, StumbleUpon and more.

However, i’m here to introduce a new website that seems to be taking the content community by storm. It’s called The social bookmarking site allows you to post your favorite bookmarks–just like any other–but there are great benefits involved in the process. For one, the site is very easy to navigate, clean, and already has a large and dedicated fanfabe.

But let’s talk about money. Within a few short months, it has already generated a monumental reputation with Google. Whenever you make a submission, your article gets indexed by the search engine within a few short minutes. The site is strategically set up to ping new submissions as soon as a new one is added and/or updated. Moreover, users get 65% of adsense revenue. This is huge.

To add even greater revenue stream, it has a neat referral program where users earn 25% of ad revenue by other users. Please note that this 25% is NOT substracted from your own money. This seems to be a big concern when it comes to referral programs. That money comes from the main revenue the website earns and does not affect you in any negative way.

Furthermore, the website is do-follow, which means your backlinks have a lot more weight, or credit, with the search engines.

Check out Seekyt and start submitting away. I have added my referral link, if interested.

Click here to join.


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