The Circle of Angels

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The Circle of Angels

The angels had slowly gathered, it was time for the final dance,
the emotion and love escaping, they were utterly entranced.
The passion from one to another was as powerful as can be,
the gentleness of their touch, as soft and totally free.

When standing in the circle, there was a special charm,
your insides warm and tranquil, completely feeling calm.
To feel an angel touch you, and quiver all right through,
Feeling their arms embracing, taking care of you.

Quiet as a whisper, you could hear the angel wings;
within their hearts we heard their song, above all other things.
The love created was spiralling, entirely around the room,
the power from within their hearts, the energy did loom.

Gathering for success, and for celebration today,
for soon all the angels, will be going their different ways.
I pray that you all heard them, quietly in their quest,
and felt so unique, in the angel’s affectionate caress.

We now know life’s mystery and how to keep in touch;
we can call on our angels, if things get all too much.
They help you understand and assist to guide you through,
we can relish in this magic, and know their embrace is true.

You were touched by an angel, you’re as special as can be,
the gift they will leave you, is the sweetest memory.
Even though they cannot be seen, the feeling is so clear,
for now we know with certainty that angels are everywhere.

Angel wings don’t always show when walking on the ground,
but you know they are about, as their love is completely sound.
Unless you have experienced this you will never know as such,
what it’s like to feel the powerful love, of an angel’s touch.
By Julie

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