Wednesday, December 13

What Can I Buy Him For Christmas?

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Every year I ask my other half what he wants for Christmas, and every year he doesn’t know. I know the easy way out is to give him some money, but not a lot of thought goes into that. It’s easy and convenient, and then I have to encourage him to go out after Christmas to spend it, and he’ s not keen on the crowds at the sales either.

I always get him some small presents to open like slippers, a jumper, and a selection pack, maybe even a calendar, but its all so predictable, and not a surprise, although he always acts as though it is. Of course if I was wealthy, I would buy him a new car, after doing my homework, and finding out his favourite one at the moment, and what colour he liked, how nice it would be to breeze into the garage, and ask them to deliver it to our door on Christmas Eve. To see the surprise and joy on his face would be priceless, because giving presents is far more rewarding than receiving ones.

Last year we put our money together, and bought each other a tumble drier. This may sound funny, but it’s something we both wanted, and had never been able to afford, even when the children were young, and I had to dry the washing on the radiators.

We both love having fluffy towels, and that tumble drier is our little bit of luxury. But this year I have no clue what to get him, although he did mention something about buying a recording machine, so we can watch programmes in bed. Now that sounds a good idea to me, and he can still have his slippers as well.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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