Monday, December 11

Mary’s Preparation For The First Christmas

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When God’s time had arrived, He prepared the “woman” of promise to celebrate the first Christmas. History moved according to His Will and Plan. But Mary, as a human being, prepared herself for that great event. She stands as an example for us to prepare ourselves for Christmas.

1) The first woman and the best woman

The first woman Eve was so proud to become equal to God. Her pride deceived her. Mary was so humble to accept the will of God saying, “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord” (Luke 1: 38). In our life when we are confronted with problems we are tempted to go away from God and sometimes against God. Trusting in the providence of God and relying on Him can prepare us during this Advent.

2) In sharing Mary served God and prepared for Christmas

When Mary heard that her relative Elizabeth was expecting a son, she dared to go to her and serve her for three months. She shared with her the Love of God and both of them prepared themselves to begin the journey of salvation. The song of Mary at the residence of Elizabeth confirms her readiness to serve others. Her song “Magnificat” brings out the whole story of Israel from Adam to Jesus. This readiness to serve others, in whatever way we can, may guide us through this Advent towards a really happy Christmas. 

3) All throughout her life Mary was a servant of God

Mary was ready to obey the will of God all throughout her life. She was ready to accept the blames of the society in fulfilling the will of God. She did not hesitate in her obedience even when she was informed about ‘the sword that would pierce her soul’. She had to travel to Bethlehem at the advanced stage of her pregnancy. She had to undergo so many hardships to safeguard the child. Sufferings are a part of life.  Let ‘trust in God and do the right’ be our motto of life during this Advent and thereafter.

4) From the crib to the cross

 From the crib until she reached the Calvary life of Mary was a challenging one. Troubles and tribulations did not make her turn away from God. Rather, she was more and more attached to God. When she knocked at doors to find a place for her delivery, she was refused in her face. But that did not discourage her faith. Mary suffered along with her son Jesus. Let us try to smile at the adversities in life and make this Advent a journey from the crib to the cross.

5) Mary was pure

Sins like pride, hatred, greed, anger, etc. were not in the life of Mary. But “charity, joy and peace, kindness and fidelity, gentleness and self-control” were her virtues. As William Wordsworth says, “Mary is the solitary boast of our tainted nature”.

Quran the holy book of Muslims says, Satan touches everyone in mankind except Jesus and Mary because there is no sin in them (Quran 3:46)

Our efforts to be pure in our words and deeds can only be the best preparation during this Advent.

The Holy Bible says, of all the women in the world Mary is the most “Blessed” (Luke 1: 42)


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