Thursday, December 14

New Proxies – How They Differ From Ordinary Proxies

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There are such a large number of things that could be found through the internet including those which are claimed to “distort” people’s mind. Since there are a number of illegal sites on the internet, those particular sites are blocked and are not permitted to be accessed. Thanks to a few smart new proxies which have been created. Proxy sites are mostly those sites which hide your IP address from being exposed so as to allow you surfing any illegal sites or even sites which are restricted by your admin.

Computers used in schools and offices are generally restricted to a few websites at the time of surfing the net. In modern day schools, computer-based teachings are widely applied and the internet connection is mandatory to enable a few softwares to function. A number of students might misuse the internet access by not utilizing it for their education purposes but to engage in other stuff at the time of the lesson.

At workplaces, some employees might not do their job but surf the net for their own use, such as job sites. Internet is very useful for employees in looking for information to complete their works.

However, the exploitation of internet connection might distract students and workers to pursue their own objectives. It eventually affects their performance. This is the reason why some websites are kept blocked. Proxy sites are perhaps the best solution till date to avoid the blockage.

Now here’s another smart dude which realizes this matter and comes out with a tool which is able to follow these proxies. This tool would then block these proxies from accessing to those illegal sites yet again. As a result, some websites have found a solution to oppose this tool. In order to respond to it, new proxies are created whenever the old proxy is being blocked. This means that you can access illegal or restricted websites once again.


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