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How to Build a Large Following For Your Business Through Twitter

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Social media marketing and its benefits are the hot topics throughout the internet space for many business owners. Questions like “How to do it? Who else is doing it? Moreover, can it generate revenue and does it really work? In the course of researching the topic, several common practices, revealed by others not afforded the quick status of twitter celebrity and stardom, have proven successfully, through the use of conventional tools and simple practices, anyone can achieve the stardom of a large twitter following.


Participate in retweeting quality articles and topics and encourage your followers to do the same. Retweeting results in more clicks to your profile and widens the potential to gain more followers. There are several tools on the web to assist with building your retweet authority such as ReTweet Rank  [], which calculates retweet history and current rankings. The tool is limited to keywords (@ your username and RT). Another resource is Backtweets []. Backtweets is an online twitter analytics tool used for tracking history, count, and impressions for user tweets.


Go to Account Settings and make sure your twitter profile page is complete along with a photo. Commonly preferred by most, a real photo, rather than a logo or icon. Your profile, your face, and your name are the only way people can connect with you as a real person beyond your @your username; it is always nice to be able to connect a face with a name. In addition, user accounts with completed profiles are included on the “Suggested Users” page. Blank profiles, are often overlooked by the system [].


Add hyperlinks to your twitter profile everywhere you can, including email signatures, discussion boards, forums, and other social networking sites like Digg, Stumble, and Facebook. In addition, market your twitter profile through offline connections such as word of mouth, in speeches, presentations, on business cards, and letterhead.


Add #hashtags to your tweets. #Hashtags provide a way for others to find you easily when searching for content, researching topics, or just browsing for news. Learn more about Twitter #hash tagging []


Go to [] and get involved in the hot topic conversations that relate to your business or industry by replying. Use the #hash tags to locate relevant conversations. In the midst of interacting with others, be sure to follow those that are among you including those listed as top twitter users to learn what they do, how they do it, and what type of tools they are using. Top twitter users can also be located on the TwitterHolic website []


There are many online resources available to track the results of your efforts. TwitterCounter [] is a third-party application for Twitter and tracks statistics on over 10 million twitter users including celebrities, large corporations, and other businesses. You can also add your name and twitter profile to the site.



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