Thursday, December 14

What is The Purpose of Regression?

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I do have regrets in my life about decisions I have done which came out to be wrong and there are times that I asked myself why I chose the course in which I can’t even profit from it. I have hopes and dreams to become somebody someday but years have passed and I shifted my course to where I don’t know the reasons why I came into that direction.

I thought life is going to be easy and I expected that it will come along my way to what I want but it did not. I sometimes thought why did I selected this course, or why did I not pursue that course. It was late to find out now but I have thought what the purpose of regression is. What can I benefit from regretting? I said “None” so what I will do is to focus now on what I have in hand and improve my craft even if that was way far from my course.

Thinking positive can be more helpful to me rather than to complain about the things I don’t have and just regret. Regretting can only make me feel so hard about myself that I am somewhat a failure. The more I need now is to appreciate what I have and encourage myself to get on with this hard life because no one can help me more than myself.

Have you ever thought things in life you regret? I know you do but what is the purpose of it right? It is useless after all to cry over spilled milk. We cannot even turn back the time and what we can just do is to go on and be brave enough for a challenge. As Wikipedia defines regression as a defensive reaction to some unaccepted impulses, I can say that the more I accept the truth and the fact to what I have at the moment, the more I can release reacting to that unaccepted impulse.


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