Tuesday, December 12

Using The Spy Cams App On The Iphone

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Spy Cams is a simple little app for the iPhone which gives you access to hundreds of cameras from all over the world. This is a free app to download and while it does not really serve any specific purpose it can be interesting to have a look at every now and again. Although the name suggests it may be something a little devious, it is in no way an app that is designed to let you actually spy on people.

When you open the app up it takes you to a page full of tiles. These are previews of some of the cams you can view. Most of the cams are CCTV cameras of outdoor areas, many are of roads, some are of landmarks, some are of buildings and monuments. There are some indoor cameras for instance one of them is in a laundrette, one is in an office building and one is in an ice rink. There is even a camera in a rabbit’s hutch you can watch on Spy Cams.

There are different categories of camera you can view on Spy Cams. You can view the top rated cams, the most viewed cams or the newest cameras to come out. To be honest I don’t really see that much difference in any of the categories as all the cameras seems to be pretty much the same. There is also a search option here where you can search for certain cameras.

If you click on one of the cameras it takes you to the camera homepage and you have a full screen image of the camera. For some reason not all of the cameras seem to work and many are faulty. However most of them are fine and you are taken to a live feed. Below the live feed you can post a comment on the app and give it a mini review. Sometimes people do post unpleasant things on here so I tend not to get involved in reading these.

As this is a free app there are adverts which sometimes pop up on the screen. This can be a little bit annoying but as it’s a free app it is just something that you have to put up with. Overall I would say this is not really a great app, it does not seem to serve any real purpose and it soon becomes rather tedious. The only real good thing about this app is that it is free to download so you really don’t lose anything if you decided to give Spy Cams.


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