Sunday, December 17

Twitter Versus Facebook

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Twitter is a site that allows you to tweet a quick message to your followers. You are limited to a very short message of 140 characters or less, which doesn’t really allow you to say anything very important at all.

Twitter is in fact famous for being incredibly pointless, with people tweeting what they had for breakfast and things like that. For a while, Internet marketers and SEO experts used it as a tool to tweet links, but then Twitter made the links from tweets no follow, which took away much of the benefit for using the site to gain link weight.

Twitter does still have some benefit to the links you tweet, as Google does take note of links that show up on many different Twitter accounts, and if you have thousands of followers, you may get a small amount of traffic to the links you tweet, but what does Twitter have that Facebook doesn’t?

My opinion is that Facebook does everything that Twitter does in their Facebook news feed, but does it better, and offers so many more options, like making Facebook business pages, groups, and more space to write longer messages etc.

Facebook also has no follow links, but a Facebook page can sometimes do better than the website it is promoting in a Google search. I would rather have a hundred Facebook friends than a thousand Twitter followers. Why? Because they are just more valuable.

I have looked at the content stats for my articles, and found that I got hundreds of views coming from my Facebook friends in a month, from articles I posted in my news feed, but no traffic at all from Twitter, even though I had about the same number of Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

So is it worth putting any effort into Twitter at all? Maybe. If you write here on Bukisa, and tweet my article, I will tweet one of yours to my thousands of followers, and if this becomes a habit among all the writers here, then this may have a beneficial effect, but it is quite hard to convince a whole group of people to do anything consistently.

As for Facebook, it’s ok, I don’t spend that much time on it, but you can see why it’s the biggest site in the world. I keep adding friends when I remember, and it gives a little extra exposure to my articles when I post them in my news feed. Let me know if you have found a good way to get lots of traffic from Facebook, or even Twitter.


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