Wednesday, December 13

A Guide To Super Fly On The Iphone

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SuperFly is a game for the iPhone produced by Berzerker Games. This is a free game to download and currently one of the most popular game downloads for the iPhone. This is an action game that relies on quick reactions and fast thinking. While this is quite a simple game it is good fun and will certainly get users hooked within minutes.

When you open the game you are taken to the menu screen. Here you are first introduced to your green little friend known as Super Fly. From this screen you can simply play the game, or you can view more games produced by this company or you can click on Open Feint which gives you the option of playing this game online and having your score put onto global leader boards. This is a handy little feature as it makes the game more competitive when you have the option of comparing your scores to other players from around the world.

When you click on play you are taken to a map screen. Here you can select the world you want to play in. If you are on the free version the only place you can play is in the jungle. However if you are willing to pay 0.59p or 99c you can play in space or in the ocean. You also have the option to visit Open Feint or visit the Fly Mart. The Fly Mart is a shopping superstore for Super Fly, he can spend his earnings on special tools to help him in game play.

When you actually click on Jungle and enter the game you are first given an explanation of how to play the game. Then you start. The objective is to survive for as long as possible. Basically you are a little green fly who buzzes round the screen. In the bottom left there is a circle where you can control the flight of the fly. As the time goes by more flies appear and start to chase Super Fly. You must avoid these flies and keep your fly safe. You have a life bar and every time you touch a fly this drops, when it reaches the bottom you die and it game over. While you play you collect coins which you can later spend in the Fly Mart. There are also special icons you can pick up which give you things like force fields and bombs.

The game play on Super fly is pretty simple and very easy to get the hang of. The controls are smooth and the sound effects are good fun. The music in this game does get a little annoying but it easy to turn this down or off and you can still keep the other sound effects on. Overall Super Fly is nothing particularly special but it is good fun and will keep most people occupied for a while.


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