Saturday, December 16

My Bluetooth Headset

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It is not very easy to create a good wireless Bluetooth headset.  Regular wired headsets are found in a number of designs and styles. It is not possible for Bluetooth headsets to be as small or light as wired headsets. The reason for this is that they include the battery and additional features. Due to the bigger size it may affect the way the headset sits on or around the ears.

Some of the factors you must consider when buying a Bluetooth headset:

Cost: This is a very important point and you have to make a budget for your buy.

Comfort: Bluetooth headsets are typically available in 2 key styles. One is designed to be held in place by looping around the ear.  They are generally more comfortable, but can be less secure. The other design is held in place by getting fixed into the ear and can be less comfortable.

Ergonomics: Ensure if the headset can be conveniently and quickly fixed and removed from the ear.

  • How easy is it to use the control buttons on the headset?

  • You can wear the headset comfortably even when there are long phone calls.

  • Can glasses be used with it?

  • Make sure that it can be worn with either ear.

  • Check how convenient it is t carry when you are not using it.

  • Check the weight of the Bluetooth headset.

Convenience while use:

  • You can remember the controls and commands easily

  •  Volume can be adjusted easily.

  • It should switch on fast.

  • Manual should be simple and easy to understand.

  • It should have a support number for any kind of problems.


  • Get to know about the talk time, battery, kind and way to tell when it fully charged or going dead.

  • Which gadgets can be paired with the Bluetooth headset?

  • Know the warranty period.

  • Ensure the quality of sound for receiving as well as sending audio.

  • Te range offered by the Bluetooth headset?

There are some other vital capabilities which you need to check like the last number redial, voice tags, transfer calls, connection to other phones, 3 way calling, mute and call reject. This is not all as there is another important thing to consider when you are buying your Bluetooth headset.  It must be designed well, look attractive, must not be too small or big for you and must also fit you well.


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