Monday, December 11

Life of a Call Center Agent

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Distant marketing and customer solutions have been around for quite sometime. BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) in particular has taken the global business by storm and continues to grow in terms of its international appeal and revenue chunk that it contains within.
In the developing world, Asia in particular, the call/contact center industry has earned more foreign exchange than any other industry in last couple of years’ time.
The industry is quite lucrative for the youth offering handsome salaries resulting in a sense of self-reliance and most importantly such a job can be carried on in addition to studies owing to the flexible nature of job shifts.
Working in nights is no more an odd instead in vogue these days unlike not so distant past, when only prostitutes, sentries and those in the medical profession worked nights.
Along with all the advantages, there are some problems faced by the call center agents. After working the graveyard shift where they get all sorts of verbal abuse from irate callers, call center agents need to relax, unwind and take out all the stress by drinking, clubbing and sometimes drugs.
Health is the issue disturbing call agents the most, as, besides losing their social life; these agents also lose their physical health and psychological harmony, thanks to their erratic schedule.
Life cycle of an average customer services representative starts from the point of induction program, as to say when an advertisement appears in the newspaper ‘work in America without leaving your homeland’.
Second factor is a lot of peer pressure in regards to the social profile that an agent has, and alternatively wants to maintain, which normally do not match each other.
The amount of peer pressure present in call centers industry is enough to make a raw soul turn into an established smoker, avid night-outer and stuff affiliated to it. But the hard fact of life is that anyone who has made up his mind to stick to work will able to make a profile for him, and will always be known for not succumbing to such force called “peer pressure”.


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