Friday, December 15

How to Write a Love Poem

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You want to write a poem to your secret crush? or the girl/guy that tickles your fancy

Well look what I’ve got in store for you!


Why do you want to write about this girl/guy?

What’s so special about that person whom you want to write about?

Is it his/her appearance?, personality?, or maybe just plain “the only person who understands you and likes you for who you are”

You write all your reasons down on a piece of paper and then find the things that match and arrange them by rows like in this example,

Blonde, Blue Eyes, Beautiful

Loveable, Understanding, Warm-Hearted

Athletic, Slender-Body, Active

Smart, Loves Music, Fearless

Now, all the stuff about this girl/guy that don’t have a match, you put them in the middle or the bottom, In this case I put it on the bottom, Now the reason for writing down all these things that are significant to you are because, Every word produces one or two lines (Just to keep things simple, but lines per stanza may vary by how much you are willing to write about the person), Now since there are three words per-row I would make use of one word two lines to make it even or I may also make use of the one word one line to make it a little “Catchier” for the reader.

Reliving the Past:

Now you put all of the things you like about her/him aside and get another piece of paper, Now, you write on the new piece of paper the moments which mean the most to you when you spent time with her/him like (you can arrange them anyway you want, although you can also arrange them according to the time the events took place)

First day, First kiss, First date

Seaside nights, Making out, Jogging/Walking along any scenic place

After you list down the important events, You might want to integrate them with your poem on the next step I’ll show you how to do that 🙂

Planning and Drafting the Poem:

Now a poem is a delicate thing you ought to take care of it very carefully and plan it too, Now planning can be from the past to present or vice-versa, It could also be all jumbled up but that would be a tricky process abit too tricky for me to handle and explain, Planning comes in with Time-line something like this

Past/First Day—————————————–Present/Going Steady

You ought to make the line alot longer since you might have alot of events listed up above, But the point is Arrangement without that the poem would be in total and utter chaos, Now you wouldn’t want that would you?

Drafting on the other hand is basically putting all your things together, It’s something like Trial and Error the T.A.E. Method as said by my past teachers in Literature, Drafting is an Important part in your poem so as to make sure that your poem is fail-proof and error-free but poems may have these so called “good-flaws”  in them which might make them funny and humorous but it also may offend the reader or the one being talked about

Drafting and Rhyming:

Drafting and Rhyming are important steps into making the perfect love poem for that special someone in your life so I’m here at your service.

You ought to take words te significant to some of the things you like about him or her from your “reasons” paper and try to make out words that rhyme per word in every row (the first word may be accompanied by a comparison to a beautiful thing of nature and the second is something you love to do or enjoy or vice-versa)

Blonde Hair – Golden sun, Blue eyes – beautiful butter flies, Beautiful – hotter than the surface of our sun

Now that you’ve got that down, make it into a sentence that makes sense!, I wouldn’t want you to make a senseless sentence for the person of your dreams!

Your blonde hair shines under the golden sun and your blue eyes reminds me of beautiful butterflies, Taking it all in you’re so beautiful you’d make me feel hotter than the surface of our sun.

Now that may not be the best but you might want to refine while you rhyme, That’s why there’s such a thing called Drafting!

Writing the Actual Poem:

After Drafting and Refining each rhyme, you are now ready to E-mail or Print that Poem! you might want to turn off the word suggestions if you have any on your Microsoft Office or OpenOffice 🙂

Put it in a Decent or “Red” envelope for those who are romantic and give it accompanied by a bouquet of flowers (red roses and violets are a MUST!)

Hope you will win his/her Heart Good Luck!!


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