Friday, December 15

Choosing a Web Host Easy Tips

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There are so many web hosts in the world, you have to carefully choose one in order to start your online business. Because I’m sure you don’t want to mess up your business when it is running well. If you chose the wrong web host, your website could be down or crashed and there was no support from the web host customer service.

Now, take a look at your business, whether small or big, fast loading and a professional website are the key points in starting your online business. You can’t let your visitors waiting too long to access your site, it gives bad impression of your business. Moreover, It determines how high your website is ranked by Google search engines. If your website’s speed is poor, then it will be hard for your website to get on the first page of Google search result pages. The key factor to solve this is a reliable support of your web host. The reliability in terms of :

Speed Performance, Up-Time

Firstly, You should try their demo sites, if it possible using web page test speed. The up-time should no less than 99%. Search for information whether the hosting allows many sites on one server or not, because too many sites could lead to crash during peak times. And the bandwidth quality of the web host also determines the speed.

Server Security

Trying to know whether the web host always update and patch the software on their server or not, a good web host must do this. Because this will block viruses, trojans, spam, etc in attacking your web site.


It’s not only the software that determines the reliability, but the hardware too. The hardware must be stable systems that can deal with latest web technologies.

Good/Fast Technical support

Read reviews of the web host’s genuine users, how good and fast the technical support in responding any technical problems concerning the users web site.

Reputation(At Least 5 Years in Business)

How long the web host have been in this business. It’s well recommended if the web host has at least 5 years good reputation in the business.

Finally, all is back to your requirements, and budget. But the above tips should give you some reasons in choosing the best web host for your business.

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