Monday, December 18

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What is Paybox? Is it a scam or not? Many website developers create a website that is for money purposes. They include PayPal’s and other paying method to attract the users. Some provide special offerings and sign in bonuses. In fact not all website was created for scam, but there were really love to violate the rules.

Controversial issues about website development scam involve this new created This particular website has a features including $25 signing bonus, a daily payment of $20 if you log in per day and participating their surveys and also a $10 for the referral for this site. This offering really could really attract the users to join. Somehow we would like to the payment methods for this website. Paybox offers a payment method which involves money called PayBox currency, which is self-ruling and independent of all nations and governments. It is just like Disney money and a paper money if it is. The question for this one is that where should we purchase something that this money will be valid.

Why I joined this one? It just simple, I love surfing the net and try something to earned with. When I found this website it seems like they offered such good things. You don’t need to worry about your personal information or your privacy because they only just need a valid email address, username and password. In terms of using this website or participating it, this very user friendly and accessible. If this particular website is a scam or fake then I only lost my little effort not my personal information. is still in process and it will be launched by January 2011. The sum of this website is sheltered by copyright © 2010. All rights reserved. is presently in pre-launch mode. Certain features may beerratically equipped. Support will be restricted until public launch. 

If you want to join this website, just sign in to this link.


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