Thursday, December 14

Passion is The Way to Get Rich

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Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are the world’s top billionaires. How did they make so much money in their life? I can only describe with one word – Passion.

John Chow and Problogger (Darren Rowse) are the top famous bloggers, how did they make it happens? I also think of one word – Passion.

From all the rich and successful people around the world, they become so successful in life because they are passionate with the thing they do. They work hard towards their passion and make it big. Finally, they earn a lot of money from their passion.

How did they manage to make it so big?

  • No matter what you do, it is only possible to make it big if and only if you have passion in the thing you are doing. Passion is the key to all success.

  • Put your efforts and time to your passion. Do the thing you like and work hard with faith.

  • Cut down your expenses, save more money and prepare for all the chances that appear around you.

  • Reduce borrowing or d not borrow money.

  • Invest the money you save properly, invest in your passion and make sure it works.

Becoming very rich in life is not easy.

There is a famous quote: 

“All rising to great places is by a winding stair by Francis Bacon, Philosopher & Scientist”.

Work hard towards your goal, work hard for your passion, I am sure it will work and lead you to great success. Do not fear of failure and do not fear of hardship as failure and hardship will bring us great success. 


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