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How to Get Started to Blog

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Blogging has been around for years, a lot of people are maintaining at least a blog and some of them made it successfully by blogging and make it a full time income for themselves. I know that there are quite a number of people make quite a good income from just a single blog such as JohnChow, Problogger, ShoeMoney and so on.

If you are just starting out in blogging, then this would be a simple guide to get you started. In this article, I am going to share with you 2 famous blogging platform used by all the bloggers around the world to create their blog and make money using their blog.

1. is a free blogging platform. Everyone can sign up for an account in and get started to blog. is owned by and some people find that blogs in is having better ranking in Google search results as compared to other blogging platform.

Currently, is being upgraded with a lot of new friendly features such as template designer, gadgets and so on. So, if you are new to blogging, start a blog in is very simple.

As your blog grows bigger, you can also buy domain names for your blog and make it more professional.

2. WordPress

WordPress is another very popular blogging platform used by a lot of famous bloggers around d the world. WordPress is divded into free version and paid version. The free wordpress is located at while the paid version is The customization is a lot lesser as compared to the paid version.

By using wordpress, you have to learn a lot of things ranging from buying a domain name, setting up the wordpress platform in your hosting account, buying a host and so on and so forth.

Once you get familiar with the wordpress platform, making money using the platform is fast and effective. If you plan to grow your blog into a gigantic online business, then wordpress paid version would be a better choice.

So, basically that is the 2 blogging platform used by most bloggers around the world. There are some other blogging platform that provides different features for bloggers. Some of them offers royalty for blogging on their platform, so it depends on your own preference to make money from blog. So, are you ready to start blogging?

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